How to call talk radio

This article will serve as a guide to tips and advice for making the most of your call. It will explain what to do at each stage of the call process.

Before You Call 347 627-0403

There are a number of things a caller should do before making the call to a talk radio show.

  • Planning your comments ahead of time will help reduce that nervous feeling that tends to creep up on public speakers and helps improve the delivery of the comments.
  • Having a clear and concise idea of what you want to say will add to the force and clarity of your message once you get on the air.
  • Choose a reliable, corded phone. Cordless and cellular phones can cut out at key moments in the conversation, which can ruin the quality of your call. If you must use a cordless phone, speak clearly and directly into the phone’s microphone.
  • Choose a quiet area to call from. Background noise not only distracts other listeners, but it can prevent you from hearing what the host is saying to you.

While You Are Waiting to Speak on the Air

There are a number of things a caller should do while waiting to speak on the air.

  • Be persistent and don’t give up. If the line is busy, keep calling. If you are put on hold, do not hang up. The easiest way to miss an opportunity to speak on the air is to stop trying.
  • Focus on a single point that you wish to make or a single question you wish to ask. Talking about too many points at once will not only distract other listeners and weaken the power of your message, it will make the call screener less likely to choose you.
  • Once you are on hold, listen to the show on the phone, not the radio. Turn the radio off to prevent other listeners from hearing the buzzing feedback sound that your phone would create.
  • Keep listening to the phone while you are on hold. This will ensure you are ready to speak when the host selects you. Also, the call screener will probably speak to you before you get on the air.

While You Are on the Air

There are a number of things a caller should do while on the air.

  • Remain friendly and polite. Don’t get upset if the host or guests disagree with your point of view.
  • Begin your statement with a short but friendly greeting, such as “Hi (host’s name),” then begin your comment. Do not make an off-hand comment such as “I’ve never done this before.” Shorter statements are more powerful statements.
  • Be prepared to engage in a short dialogue with the host or guests, as they may want you to expand on your point or some related piece of information.
  • Finally, you only have a few moments on the air. Use them wisely.

Hopefully, this article has served as an informative guide to calling a live radio show.

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